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Our Services

  1. Cartography publishing
    Services for design and production of maps, chart and atlas pages from different GIS and CAD system
  2. GIS system
    Real estate, Muncipalities, Utilities, Insurance, Banking, rading and Retail, Medical services, Airport , Defense, Security
  3. Mapping
    Aerial Mappin Lidar Mapping, Drone Mapping
  4. Remote sensing
    Change detection Photogrammetry Application of remote sensing
  5. Global Navigation system
    Fleet Management Goods de;overa;es Emergency arrivals Security Safety Services
  6. Geo Technical Services
    Agriculture Application Soil Types and its characteristic survey Crop Types classification and modelling Aqua Modeling Land use and Land cover changes an Deduction Natural Resources Mapping Geological and geomorphology mapping Structural and fracture mapping
  7. Product engineering
    Business Processing enginering Change Management Product solution deplyoment
  8. Business Analytics
    Cloud Services Application engineering Enterprise Transformation It infrastrucute management testing services mobility solltuioon Digital media and marketing
  9. Project Management
    Development methodology PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS quality assurance ande tesing methodogloy